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Look up your cases anytime and anywhere 24/7!

Fidelity Dental Lab is maximizing client communication, by integrating one of the world’s fastest growing dental lab management software systems available today. Evident is the next generation of dental lab systems, web-based to provide you unlimited secured access to your account 24 hours a day, seven days a week from any computer (Mac or PC), smart phone, or tablet PC.

With Evident, you can:

Submit a new case

Request for a pick up

Check current status of cases

Review financial information

Print invoices and statements

Make a payment

Our most advanced case tracking system enables us to scan each case work coming in. You can log in to your account and check when we receive a patient’s case or to find out when it is complete.


Point and click navigation gives you a finished Rx in seconds! No more confusions because of handwriting or missed information. We automatically receive the Rx in real time.


Concise overview of every case received by our lab. Instantly retrieve an Rx or historical record of processed cases. Search by patient name or date.


Print an invoice or statement instantly right from your computer. No more calling to request. No more waiting for the fax. Everything is now automatic!


Send a pick up notification directly from your gateway portal. Saves you time!